Size 0 - to fit a waist or hip size of - 24 inches to 28 inches

Size 1 - to fit a waist or hip size of - 28 inches to 32 inches.

Size 2 - to fit a waist or hip size of - 34 inches to 38 inches.

Size  3 - to fit a waist or hip size of - 38 inches to 42 inches

Skirt length ranges from 24 inches to 38 inches at each hem peak.

Made with 100% wool, woven in Scotland to a 14oz medium weight worsted quality.

This unique style to Naked Highlander has been designed and is hand finished in our Highland studio.  Due to the popularity of our shorter Highland skirt, the maxi has been born as another alternative.

The specific design features of this skirt allows you to wear your maxi skirt however you feel on the day!  Worn with your buckle fastening at the front, back or either hip side - we would love you to get creative and comfortable with this wardrobe essential.

Featuring a two buckle fastening, these are made from brown deer hide leather perfectly paired with solid brass buckles.

Bella Ladies Maxi Highland Skirt

SKU: 0010