Once upon a time there was a Naked Highlander...


Ah that got your attention didn’t it? Let’s begin again...


Once upon a time there was a festival, something so great that it brought together families, friends and alike from all over to share good music, food and craic. This was homegrown at Belladrum Estate and very soon became an iconic event in the Highlands.


From this an idea was formed to create an exclusive tartan, a uniform if you like, that symbolised Belladrum and captured the heart of its origin. After all, we thought, isn’t Scotland famous for its kilts? What better to commemorate this festival of dreams …

A band of local folk gathered together to create this iconic piece of history . To be worn year after year. This followed a dalliance with a Prickly Thistle, local seamstress’s and a name you would never forget. Whatever way you looked at it, Naked Highlander emulates the Scottish Spirit Raw, Stripped Back and Natural. Much like our glorious and majestic landscapes.


As time went by the Naked Highlander’s began to notice that these discarded broken tents could carry on life after a Belladrum and also live happily every after. Perhaps they would marry well with remnants of Belladrum Tartan - the perfect match indeed.  From this Good InTentions was created. From attending festivals as a welcome cover up to the unpredictable Scottish weather or as a day to day beacon of light in the everyday day life. Who wouldn’t want to travel to work in a colourful raincoat or comb the breathtaking beaches in a wonder cape? All the while also caring for our environment,  repurposing something that has had its use and now needs a new loving home.


As we move along our journey we are ever evolving to discover new ways to bring more Tartan to the party and turning tents into a festival for life.


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